Our Philosophy

At Sunnyside we feel that children should feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. From there play, learning and socialization will come naturally. We believe that children should be allowed to enjoy developing and practicing their skills while socializing and playing with others. Play is the main way children learn and develop ideas about the world. It helps them build the skills necessary for critical thinking and leadership. It’s how they learn to solve problems and to feel good about their ability to learn.

We realize that school age children are discovering greater independence and want their “big kid” status to be realized and respected. Children should be provided with age appropriate materials and activities which meet their developmental needs. The focus should be on laughing, play and discovery in a safe, healthy, positive and inviting environment.

Why Sunnyside Child Care?

We do not want the children to feel as though they are babies in daycare. School age children are more independent and developed. By dedicating the care provided to only school age children, they will not feel clumped in with infants, toddlers and pre-schooler’s. The activities are age and developmentally appropriate and engage and challenge the children. The goal is to make after school child care fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We provide play equipment, structured and unstructured activities and a welcoming, comfortable environment for children to learn, grow and have a lot of fun. We provide constant supervision and make sure the children are safe and comfortable while maintaining a flexible yet predictable daily routine. We assist them when they need help and provide gentle positive discipline and guidance. We strive maintain good communication with families in regard to their children’s daily snacks, activities and developmental progress. I welcome visits, ideas, suggestions and participation from each family.